Friday, May 27, 2005

Bloody Vikings

Spam Observations #8

My newest best friend, Lisa Crump (!) sent me an email with the subject line:
Yeah it's a sp@m :)
Oh, that Lisa, isn't she just the one. Little bashful smile at the end: "Yeah, I it's a spam, but I know you love me anyway. Shucks." Lisa, if you're reading SPAM is SPAM is SPAM. It's not cute. It's annoying. When I got it, I most certainly didn't think: "Oh, that Lisa is such a card, sending me spam and being honest about it". No. Instead I thought: "Those fucking spammers are just a pain in the arse and I hope they all go to a special hell where the only thing they have to read is never-ending screens of their own puerile garbage". Lisa, I hate you and your cheap software deals.

UPDATE: I received another different spam from Lisa Crump today. Man, that Lisa is working the keys. I note here for posterity that Lisa Crump can be anagrammatized to April Scum.


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