Saturday, July 09, 2005

Bloggers Unite!

Keep on Blogging!

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has published a Legal Guide for Bloggers which I urge all my comrades to read (and link to on your sites). The online world is now becoming a reality for many of those troglodytes who have heretofore (doncha love that legalese?) been chipping away at their stone tools and playing their vinyl LPs, and with that comes a torrent (pun intended) of ignorance and resentment that is bent on re-asserting the status quo. That will never happen of course, but the trogs will attempt to take as many of us down with them as they can. The EFF knows that forewarned is forearmed and are campaigning to protect our rights.

If anyone has been reading the blogs coming out of London over the last few days you will know that blogging reports of the bombings are as informative and reliable as any of the conventional news services, if not more so. Distributed information is the future. Know Your Rights!

EFF Blogger's Rights [Link]

Some London Blogs:

London Underground [Link]
Random Acts of Reality [Link]
Londonist [Link]
London Metblog [Link]

Here endeth the Party Political Message.

ADDENDUM: The EFF is a US organization and the advice on their site obviously only applies to US law. If you are in other countries, it may still serve as a good guide for best practice though - there is a lot of good general commonsense procedure.


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