Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I Need a Good Stiff... er... Drink...

Spam Observations #10

Today, my Newest Best Friend, Tanya, wrote with her surprising news: "My penis is always hard and is able to move without interruption!" That's a little personal for a first email, but hey, yay for you Tanya! I also find the interruption of penis movement off-putting, though I can't really imagine how strange it must be for you in your particular circumstance.

Tanya went on to boast of "Rock hard manhood, multiple explosions and several times more semen volume!" and then exclaimed that she could get me "... a several month supply of everything you need – in seconds!"

I am somewhat skeptical that I could obtain anything from the web "in seconds" even taking into account the Modern Miracle That Is Digital Cash. The temptation, however, to get a several month supply of everything I need is hard to resist (notwithstanding my concern that achieving "multiple explosions" sounds a little too much like a bowel malfunction for my taste).

This constant gender bending amongst spammers is making me dizzy. Glen or Glenda? Just bring me the Glenmorangie.

For more evidence of Spammer Identity Confusion (SIC) see:

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