Sunday, December 04, 2005


Sometimes the Blogosphere just catches you unawares with its downright joi de vivre. Over the last few weeks I've been visiting the Joey Polanski Show and having a good ol' chuckle at Joey's adventures in the land of expedient spelling. Just now though, Joey was kind enough to link to me, via a typical Joey post, and although it is always a flattering thing for a blogger to be accorded that honour it doesn't necessarily mean a reciprocal post will occur, as you all know.

Except that Joey made me laugh. I mean, really, really laugh. This is why: some of you will remember this post I made about perfume a little while back. Those of you who don't should read it before going to this post of Joey's.

See? I fell about.

Joey rocks.


Blogger Joey Polanski said...

Im grateful fer th link, an specialy glad ya aint no indiscriminat reciprocle linker.

I got my pride, ya no.

Always gladdist of all thatcha laffd!

December 05, 2005 3:41 AM  
Blogger Dr. R. Murk said...

Joey does indeed rock.

December 05, 2005 2:16 PM  
Blogger Hobbs von Wackamole said...

your blog is quite lovely
joey is a good friend to have behind the line of fire. kudos to both of you for sharing each other. and i thank you for the church sign generator. quite wonderful. welcome to the fold.

December 06, 2005 3:26 AM  
Blogger anaglyph said...

Nice of you to drop by Hobbs!

December 06, 2005 4:54 PM  
Blogger anaglyph said...

Oh, and you too Dr. Murk. Beers are on me!

December 06, 2005 4:55 PM  

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